How We Can Help

Working on every aspect of your digital world and creating beautiful and functional solutions for your business needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Byteal solutions can get your business to the next level. Our prebuilt products allow you to run your business and get rich analytics from the results.


Petals will get your business onto the web fast. Our web apps are easily customisable and require no programming skills. Petals web apps give you your own website, domain, 20+ business email addresses, online booking and calendar management for staff and customers, take payments in person or online using our recommended payment providers that offer secure, quick and easy contactless transactions. Just sign up to our service, let our team set up your account and then you can change and edit your site as much or as little as you need. It is a fast and simple way for companies that would benefit from an online booking, client and payment system to get from their social media prescence to their own fully functional web app.

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Vantally takes your transaction data extracts and provides rich reports that will allow your business to gain a greater insight about sales trends and your customers spending. Using Vantally will allow your company to predict future trends and recoginise changes in buying behaviour. It is an automated solution that accepts your transaction extracts, uses algorithms that process this information to gain insights and displays the results in interactive and easily sharable results.

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Software Development

We take your ideas from concept to completion and are capable to develop your Windows software and web applications. We develop software with the end goal in mind allowing us to make the right choices on what programming languages to use and where to host.

Windows Software Development

The design for the project focuses around the core goals of the applicaiton. Byteal can help you in various business needs. Whether it is to quickly process data, manage your team, automate organisational tasks or design bespoke reports to help your business show its achievement of KPIs.

Web Application Development

Byteal can design, develop and implement your products. Taking your idea from conception to reality. Our cloud applications can be accessed on any device anywhere and at any time. Creating bespoke software for your organisation is a reliable and automatic way to reducing long term costs within your company.

Database Design and Development

Buildng custom databases that fit right into your business. Ready to help with simple or complex database needs. We work with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, ProgresSql, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora and many others. Let us design and create the database you need.

Cloud Architecture and Hosting

Hosting in the cloud is often the right choice for your applications. Byteal has expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Your app needs does not always require one of these powerful services but a cheaper and secure alternative. We have the experience and ability to best direct your web apps architecture according to its actual needs and what it could become over time. Projects can be completed cheaper, faster and run for less money when they are made with cloud hosting in mind. Byteal can discuss your hosting options with you and architect the system requirements. Having worked for years with cloud products, Byteal is well informed at picking the right tools for the job.

Software Testing

Able to assist in white or black box testing, testing scripts or for users to try and test the applications developed.

Marketing and Promotions

Whether you need to be found on Google easily or want help gaining more followers, speak to us and see how we can help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Byteal developers stay up to date with the latest techniques in improving SEO for business websites. We can help you with your rankings so that you are able to reach the clients that you are most interested in. Byteal SEO will analyse what search engines can see and how to improve your visibility. Byteal can use this information to edit your website to improve its rankings. SEO is an ongoing and continuous process that looks into your competitors and your business goals to increase your visibility to your target audiance.

Social Media Marketing

Let our experienced team assist your business in promoting content, growing followers and increasing engagement. It is essential to have a social media profile and be in regular conversation with the public. Our Social Media procedures will help your business get ahead. Byteal can get your name to your target audiance and build connections with connecting businesses.

Digital Advertisements

From developing eyecatching marketing messages to getting the right keywords on your Google search results.